Sweet Old World by Brian LeydenSWEET OLD WORLD: NEW & SELECTED STORIES by Brian Leyden

In a story collection spanning three decades Brian Leyden is a master at evoking time and place and people with a voice that is consistently wise, observant and wonderfully entertaining. Every one of these New & Selected Stories feels like a homecoming.

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Summer of '63 - Brian Leyden - lepus printSUMMER OF ’63 by Brian Leyden

Summer of ’63 is a fast-paced and beautifully realised novel. The evocation of 1960s Ireland at the time of US President John F. Kennedy’s historic visit is quite brilliant. “A real treat of a book,” says writer Frank Golden, “liable to be gulped down in one sitting.”

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The Home Place - Brian Leyden - Lepus PrintTHE HOME PLACE: A MEMOIR by Brian Leyden

The Home Place is a profoundly moving story of Irish Life seen afresh where the intimate and the familiar are made unforgettable. This hugely evocative memoir will be a treasure for generations to come. In the words of the writer Carlo Gebler, “It tells so much, and what it tells is so rich.”

Paperback €12